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The site was launched by 722media back in November 2010. It was then part of the 722media network and this is were it remained until ODGMedia took over the assets of 722media in March of 2011 and created its own web network.

However in 2014 The O’Donnell Gill Group, owners of ODGMedia decided that it would hand over its entire web network portfolio to SofSo so the sites could be re-branded and updated and some even potentially dropped, sold or removed. The sites have been maintained by SofSo for awhile now since SofSo was created and eventually spun off from ODGMedia’s Web Designers, Software and Game Developers etc.

The discontinuing of our former full employment site and replacing it with just a job search service powered from other larger and more worldwide job service providers instead.

In April/May 2014 we decided that one of the new changes we needed for our site was not just an update but a total replacement instead. We formerly operated a full employment site for both job seekers to list their details and also be able to view listings posted by employers who could also join and use the site at that time. This site quickly felt outdated by 2014 not just with its style, but also because it was unable to cope with the multiple platforms such as Tablet PC’s or mobile phones. Also the new member growth was not increasing by much and revenues coming in were not matching the costs required to run the site.

So a decision was finally made to search for an alternative option for the site as well as bring it into line with being visible and useable for the multiple platforms now required on today's websites.

The result of all this is currently what you now see today on the site, we unfortunately may now have lost the employers and former job seeker members from our old site along the way, however we do feel this new site is a vast improvement over the old one. This is because the job listings for job seekers are now provided by bigger job sites which lets the user have a lot more choice, potential and market for their own areas which either didn’t exist or was limited on the old site. Also our site is now more accessible on multiple platforms.  

We do now offer a chance for job seekers to subscribe to any alerts on new job search listings for their chosen search areas but this is not the same as the former job seeker membership on the old site. So we have made the decision to not transfer over any previous members to this service, as we feel this is a new service that requires you to sign up to new terms different from the old site.

Where we our located,

We our currently located in Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland, UK.

You can contact us anytime for support, feedback or just to find out more via this site or via our parent SofSo at http://www.sofso.com

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